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LSL SYSTEMS is a professional infrared camera manufacturer based in South Korea that develops,
manufactures and sells uncooled infrared thermal cameras.
LSL SYSTEMS was established in June 2009 after five years of research about uncooled infrared thermal cameras at Korean Universities.

LSL SYSTEMS has had a pioneer role in developing infrared camera systems in Korea relying only on incomes over the past few years, with outstanding results.
We are committed to continue developing infrared camera technology to compete with and outperform international companies.

LSL SYSTEMS will continue to grow and develop under its slogan of Cost, Customer and Care, providing excellent products and the best service to customers.
  • COST

    LSL SYSTEMS products are entirely designed and produced by our engineers. Thus we can guarantee excellent quality and reasonable prices.


    Our staff provides quick and precise communication with our customer, always thinking from their perspective.

  • CARE

    LSL SYSTEMS provides an excellent after sale service, ensuring the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction.